CGF2 35 Flange

CGF2 35 Flange

High Quality Roll Forming

Description This free standing machine makes a continuous girth flange (CGF2) on ducting or ducting fittings. Producing at 16-17 metres per minute this machine forms a 35mm CGF2 profile on one side of the machine. The CGF2 flange is a superior alternative to the "Slide on flange" on all straight ducts and most duct fittings depending on length and shape complexity. The Flange is rolled directly on to the wall of the duct, eliminating the need for more costly framework using slide on flange. This machine can be offered with or without an integral clip profile rollformer

A heavy duty frame construction with multiple variable centred Rollforming stations, tooled for the CGF2 flange profile outboard of the side plates spaced approximately 200 mm apart, on durable rollshafts. The lower rollshafts are carried within sealed-for-life deep groove ball bearing blocks, individually adjustable for roll centre and forming pressure, utilizing ‘disc spring’ stacks. Bottom and top rollshafts are driven by a hardened spur gear train via idler gears, carried by sealed-for-life deep groove ball bearings on the lower withdrawable idler shafts. These shafts connect the heavy side plates, thus creating the rigid head assembly and allow ease of individual removal for maintenance. The machine is driven at a speed of 16 -17 meters per minute, by means of a geared electric motor and triple heavy-duty chain drive to the rolling head gear train. An adjustable exit-straightening roll is fitted to correct any vertical bow in the product. Carriage and track for small sections.

Rollforming section with manual infeed for plain strips of galvanised or stainless steel to form the Clip/Cleat.

  • CGF2 Clip / cleat rolls fitted & set
  • Material is pre-cut and hand fed into the machine. This method allows scrap material to be used

The cleat is designed to snap on directly in position. The cleat would be formed in long pre-cut long lengths and re-cut to the designed finished length later or alternatively to actual finished lengths. The Minimum roll length would be 250 mm.

  • 3 Profile Sizes with variable metal thicknesses (material gauge to suit requirements)
    1. 20mm Profile
    2. 30mm Profile
    3. 35mm profile
  • Accepts short pieces without the need to clamp the product. The Minimum length is 250mm (shorter lengths can be achieved without a clamp on a special machine)
  • Smooth and quiet in operation, virtually maintenance free.