Pro-Duct Duct Removal System CGF1

Pro-Duct DRS CGF1

Less time, Same quality.

The Pro-Duct DRS CGF1 Integral Flange Line has been designed to make the production of ducting with an integral flange time and space efficient, without compromising on quality or restricting the size of the full box duct.

Production flow is entirely in one direction without the need for transfer tables, thus saving valuable floor space and not restricting the lengths of blanks and full box duct as “U” and “Z” configurations do.

The straight line layout allows folding to begin at the leading end whilst the trailing end is still attached to the coil meaning almost any size of duct can be produced in one piece.

Unlike any other Pittsburgh unit this cross running type slits and rolls the female pocket on the back end of one blank and the male 90 degree edge on the leading edge of the next blank all in one single pass.

The piece then travels through the 19 station Rollformer which is already cut to length, fully notched for seam and folded corners and with the male and female Pittsburgh seams formed on the leading and trailing edges. The parallel sides of the blank are formed into the 20mm or 30mm flanges by the Duplex Rollformer. The flange is complete by station 17 leaving two final stitching unit stations to stitch the flange back to the duct wall.