Tube Forming

Auto Tube Line

Tube directly from coils

This free standing machine produces a tube directly from coil with end swaging and fixing holes to suit the client’s production requirements. Once the coil is loaded the operator has to simply add the circumference and produce a test piece which will be used to set the tube forming rolls. These rolls are simple to set and each setting can be recorded for future tubes of the same size and material. Production is continuous once the initial setting is complete.

Material is loaded into a pair of manually operated pinch rollers, which means each gauge coil will be loaded manually when required (options for coil selection available), 2 over 3 levelling rollers with manual adjustment. One pair of manually operated adjustable beading rollers to rollform the in-line crimp at a set distance of 0, 50, 75 or 100mm from the edge of the sheet. A hydraulic unit powers the hole punching which consists of 9 x 3.3 dia holes at 150 centres. These holes will be selectable by engaging a mechanical device allowing a “holes” or “no holes” selection. The line also provides a lead end crimp unit for ease of jointing at a later stage and also a guillotine to create the tube blank. This line is therefore very versatile and can be used as a Cut to Length line as well as a tube line. A powered roller conveyor 4000 x 900 using 50 dia. rollers at 150 centres is supplied to transport the cut blank. As the blank sheet approaches the tube rolls it is referenced on the front edge before automatically entering the powered rolls without operator input. The power bending rolls with Capacity 1500mm (wide)x 76 dia with then roll the tube to the size required which will have previously been set by the line operator

  • Productivity - approx - 10 to 12 m / min.
  • Metal thickness - Galvanized Steel Stainless Steel 0.40 – 1.50mm 0.40 – 1.00mm
  • Colours Grey and blue - Electrical supply380-420 ACV, 32 amps per phase, 50-60 Hz, 5 wire supply (3 phase + Neutral + Earth)
  • Measurements approx. With one coil. L x B x H + (KG) 7550mm x 1500mm x 1100mm 5500KG