Firmac STR-750
Square to Round Duct FormerInternational Patent Pending. Patent No:(1303873.2) UK Patent. Patent No:(1115991.0)
Square to Round duct forming
Made quick and easy
Square to Round duct transitions
In less than two minutes
Firmac STR-750
Quick, easy compact & economical
Firmac STR-750
Pneumatic foot operation
One complete piece
With only one join to make
Firmac STR-750
Gauge range 0.6-1.2mm /up to 18
Square to Round duct forming
Made quick and easy

The Square to Round Duct Former, STR-750, has revolutionised square to round duct forming. Duct fittings can be made quickly and easily, ensuring production in other areas is not halted or slowed down and your main folding machine is free for other work.

This compact and versatile machine will form a square to round duct fitting in less than two minutes from one piece of metal, with only one join. It's versatility and mobility makes it ideal for on-site work too.

  • Forms square to round duct fittings in less than two minutes
  • Duct transitions can also be made in one complete piece with only one join to make, helping reduce production time and also maintaining its shape
  • Quick and easy to use with pneumatic foot operation keeping both hands free to move material quickly through the machine
  • Flexible output with a gauge range between 0.6-1.2mm (European)/ up to 18 gauge metal thickness (US)
  • Compact size. Machine dimensions 1050mm (w) x 620mm (d) x 1100mm (h) and folds neatly away when not in use
  • Offsetting patterns just as easy to make
  • Forms flat oval shapes if required.

International Patent Pending. Patent No: ( 1303873.2 ).
UK Patent. Patent No: ( 1115991.0 ).