S Cleat & Drive C Cleat Rollformer

S Cleat & Drive C Cleat Rollformer

Model SC

S’Cleat profiles have been designed to complement the drive cleat profile as a means of joining the unformed overlapping edges when making in-line duct connections.

This machine has ‘C’ Cleat tooling fitted as standard. It also forms ‘S'Cleat (as standard) and Standing ‘S’ Cleat (as optional extra) profiles to complement the Drive Cleat profile enabling the unformed overlapping edges to be joined when making in line duct connections.

Both the ‘S’ Cleat and the Standing ‘S’ Cleat are the same width as the Drive Cleat (28mm) giving a uniform appearance. The standing ‘S’ Cleat however has an additional 25 high flange to increase rigidity over long runs. Both can be formed in mild steel between 0.5 and 0.7mm.

The ‘S'Cleat machine has nine forming stages with outboard extension shafts to both sides giving the option to fit any two of eleven roll sets. The Standing ‘S'Cleat machine can either have ‘S'Cleat rolls on single extension shafts or double extension shafts with the option to fit any 2 of 11 roll sets.

All profile rolls are fitted and set at Firmac

  • ‘C’ Cleat roll tooling fixed and set on the machine
  • Nine (9) stations
  • Forms ‘S’ Cleat as standard
  • Forms Standing ‘S’ Cleat as an optional extra
  • Two Inboard guides to manually insert the galvanized steel strips
  • S Cleat material used = 92mm
  • C Cleat material used = 54mm