Pittsburgh 16G

Pittsburgh 16G

Optional double seam rolls

The Pittsburgh roll forms a large 12.5mm pocket from one outboard. Double seam rolls are fitted and set on the other outboards (seven stations). Unlike many machines available in the market the Pittsburgh Rollformer incorporates automatic material gauge compensation which ensures the tight definition of the steel throughout the gauge range of 0.7mm to 1.6mm.

All profile rolls for the Pittsburgh Roll Former are fitted and set at the Firmac factory.


The Pittsburgh machine can be supplied in a 20’s (5 station) or 16’s (7 station) option depending on the size of seam required and thickness of material. The Pittsburgh rolls are fitted between side plates with the option to fit 1 of 10 c.n.c machined roll sets to the outboard extension shafts. Our 16’s Pittsburgh roll set incorporates automatic material gauge compensation to ensure tight definition of the seam throughout the gauge range